Mask 1

Here a short description of the mask.


Masterpiece Europe receives a 7.5% commission from all masks sold in the shop.
MP guarantees that:
- the remaining amount will be transferred to the Mask Maker after the consumer receives the mask.
- MP has no responsibility for the quality / manufacturing etc, but is available as intermediary if there are issues.

Extra Information

Neither TMYCT nor MP will receive any commission or prime for orders for masks or garments placed directly at the Mask Maker- for all orders placed in the shop of TMYCT there is a commission of 7.5% that will be applied. The profit generated will be used exclusively to cover the cost of the infrastructure of TMYCT and remunerations of the people working on the project. We believe that work shall never be free or underpaid, and the remunerations cannot be higher than the standards defined by the Belgian Law. The board of directors of MP (sponsor of the project), have total access and control to all activities in TMYCT and assume the responsibility to make sure evt will be done correctly.

– the allocation of the founding’s will be defined by the General Assembly of MP.


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