How to become a “Mask Maker”

A Project of Masterpiece Europe

What you need to know about becoming a Mask Maker:
Mask Makers are traditional tailoring professionals. They are physical persons or entrepreneurs who have the skills to:

  • make a suit, a dress or another kind of a garment or an accessory from scratch, which is:
        – sold as a single piece,
        – is customized individually to the needs, requirements and measurements of the person who will wear it.
  • As an exception, for the year 2020 the Membership fee has been set at €1 to become a full member and receive access to all the services offered.
  • As a Mask Maker you will automatically become a “Membership Candidate” for Masterpiece and you will be proposed to upload your details also on MP, but there is no obligation. This is a service offered by Masterpiece and there are no costs for the Mask Maker.
  • All the details of the Mask Maker are public. We invite all potential customers to contact the Mask Maker directly to place an order.
  • To speed up the ordering process we also offer the possibility of ordering the Mask directly in the online shop: on all orders placed in the online shop (and only on these), MP will retain a commission of 7.5% as contribution to the expenses.
  • We cannot foresee what will happen in 2021 but for sure no one will be obliged to become a Member. The general assembly in 2021 will decide the next steps, approach and policy.
Become a Mask Maker
Please fill out the form below to submit a request to become a Mask Maker

    Information for the Mask Maker page:

    Upload your company logo:

    Who are you? what are you doing? Why do you think you would be suitable to be presented as a “Mask Maker”?

    Input a title for the Mask Maker page:

    Tell us more about your masks:

    What is it that makes you unique? what is your philosophy, motivation?:

    Tell us more about your work:

    Please upload 4 good quality photo's of you working, including a portrait and a photo of at work, we want to see your hands; it does not have to be manufacturing a Mask, can also be a suit, dress or shoes, but we want to show the “handmade”:

    Everyone has a story, what's yours?

    Please upload 4 good quality photo's to accompany your story:

    Tell us a little about your approach regarding COVID-19:


    Information about your mask(s)

    For each mask you'd like to propose please upload maximal 4 photo's with differing perspectives, mask name/title, short description and price in euros:

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